Seafood Temptations

For the 28 years Fraser Seafoods has been in business, we have been committed to selling only the freshest seafood products available.

Aware of the increasing difficulty in obtaining premium fresh seafood, we have spent years deveoping a United States patented process to allow frozen fish the ability to imitate the look and taste of top-quality fresh fish.

We have succeeded!!

When you try our "oven-ready" products, don't be surprised if it tastes like what you get at your favorite restaurant...
it just may be "Seafood Temptations"!


Sole and Broccoli
Flounder and Broccoli
Cod and Broccoli
Sole and Spinach
Flounder and Spinach
Cod and Spinach
Sole and Sweetpeas
Flounder and Sweetpeas
Cod and Sweetpeas

Oven-Ready Scallops
Oven-Ready Haddock

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